12 quintessential apps for a new tablet or smartphone

Deciding what apps to put on a brand new smartphone or tablet can be a difficult decision. There are certain apps that you’ll need out of necessity, and then others that will serve a less functional purpose and entertain you. But, with so many apps on the various markets – it can be a difficult decision deciding which ones are the best – and which ones can be lived without. Here are some of the best apps we found that you must have on your new smartphone or tablet.

Flipboard is the best social app you could possibly have on your phone or tablet. It will completely replace your Facebook and Twitter apps, and allow you to see those feeds in a more appealing way. Even better is the fact that you can also incorporate your favorite news sources into the mix and get a great spread of digital content in this app.


Google Maps is a great app to have for locating places, getting reviews, and with the latest updates – and Google’s constant desire to integrate – much more in the future. A truly multipurpose app for all devices.

Waze will get you around your city without running into too much traffic. The app is a user-updated traffic app that lets you know where cops, accidents, construction, and everything else is on the road – even road kill – oddly enough.

Tiny Scan is a rather underrated app for scanning documents. People won’t talk about it a lot because it doesn’t have a flashy name or massive following, but the functionality of the app is outstanding.

Snapseed will take care of editing photos, cropping them, getting them ready for Instagram – or other social networks – and even share them for you. This app rolls two or three apps into one very nicely.

Fotor is another great photo editing app. It functions really well and is a good photo editing tool for pictures that aren’t specifically being edited for Instagram.

Pandora if you’re looking for free music and no subscription. By far has the biggest library of music of all the streaming music services at the “free” level.


Spotify is hard to beat though if you’re paying for a monthly service. The interface is really nice, and it won’t bog your device down.

Any.Do is an award-winner that can go a long way to keeping your life organized, especially on your phone, if you’re active with appointments, scheduling, and things like that. Entering items is easy, and you can see everything quickly.

Weather Channel has gone a long way to improving their app performance from previous versions. You can quickly check the current weather as well as what the next several days will look like with the Weather Channel app.


Dropbox is one of the best cloud service apps on any market right now. It will sync even when you’re not using your phone, and you can set it up so that it will sync as frequently – or infrequently, as you’d like. Pictures, documents, and anything else you can manage to store away on this app, will be available on your computer, or anywhere you go.

Venmo is a really easy-to-use money-management app. This one will allow you to account for your expenses, but also allow you to do simple things like splitting a bill, or transfer money to family, friends – or even between accounts. You can also locate the closest ATM on this app as well.