Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch comes to India at Rs 19999

After making its grand debut at the CES 2016 back in January, Fitbit Blaze has arrived in India. This most anticipated smartwatch will be available to local customers exclusively through Amazon.

The smartwatch from the production house of Fitbit is available in black, blue and plum rubber color band variants. This customizable watch comes in both small and large sizes. Users can navigate this smartwatch by touching the display or buttons as per their wish.

The smartwatch is exclusively dedicated to fitness freaks, and it is being priced close to $282 or INR 19,000. By wearing this watch, a user can easily monitor the track of their heart rate even during sleeping and at the time of doing activities.

Fitbit’s fitness apps power this smartwatch, and it includes the most excellent Fitstar Personal Trainer App, which makes it the perfect companion for people who wish to stay vigorous and healthy.

With the help of Fitbit Blaze, users will get the complete summary of their human activities after each work out session. The smartwatch is also capable of telling the progress of a person’s fitness journey, and it will give the user an accurate idea of how far they’ve come when it comes to their fitness goals.

Fitbit Blaze has the capability to delegate GPS tracking to the phone, and thus you can save the battery life of the watch to a great extend.

As per credible sources, this smartwatch is capable of giving a battery life of more than five days once it is fully charged. Heart patients can even use this smartwatch, and it will help them to give a clear idea about body’s functionality.

Just like any other smartwatch, Fitbit Blaze is also capable of recording the number of steps walked, distance covered and calories burned on a daily basis.

The smartwatch is expected to be well received by Indian audiences, as they are getting more concerned about their fitness in the recent days