Video: Watch ‘Game of Thrones Season 6’ Trailer

With just 45 days to go, the makers of “Game of Thrones” have released the first proper look of the sixth season on March 08, 2016. The trailer is loaded with umpteen numbers of surprises which is capable of enthralling the franchise lovers.

As we are now going to do an autopsy of the trailer, readers are being warned that it may contain some small spoilers!!!

Trailer of “Game of Thrones” begins with an interesting note. It instigates the most curious question in everyone’s mind, Is Jon Snow dead? Well, Yeah, HBO will love to create a make belief in the minds of audiences that Jon Snow is dead, but we are sure that it will not be the case once the series gets aired.

In the next scene, we see ship bearing the sigil of House Martell sails towards the landing of King. In all probabilities, this will be Jamie Lonnister on his way back from Drone. He might be carrying the body of Myrcella on board.

We can also see the sad faces of Jamie and Cersi due to the death of Myrcella’s death. He also tells Cersi that they are going to retrieve everything back which they have lost. Like always,

Ramsey nor Roose looked especially pleased in the trailer. In the end part of the video, we can also see two ladies kissing each other, and we are not aware who they are.

The trailer of “Game of Thrones” is now trending in YouTube, and within 17 hours of time, more than 70 lakh people have watched the video. The total likes for this video are nearing one lakh which is something remarkable in nature.

The sixth edition of “Game of Thrones” will start airing in HBO on April 24, 2016. Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington and Aidan Gillen forms the major star cast of this series.