2016 Ford F-150: Trailer Backup Assist is the new add-on

Ford’s 2016 F-150 will soon come with a feature, that’s a damsel in distress for people who like to carry a boat or attach a trailer with their trucks. The feature, called the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system, allows the driver to control the vehicle with a trailer attached, controlling its direction with the knob placed on the vehicle’s dashboard, and simultaneously the steering wheel turns automatically. After entering the information of the attached trailer, such as the location of its axles and pivot point, the driver can use the markings on the rear view mirror as a reference while reversing.

The vehicle is just controlled by the gas and the brake pedal when the feature is in use, the rest of the burden is taken by the truck itself, keeping the driver relaxed during the reversing process. “Pro Trailer Backup Assist is a smart solution to save time and increase productivity for our customers,” said Doug Scott, marketing manager, Ford Truck Group. He further added, “Instead of struggling to back up their trailer, they can spend more time on the job or enjoying the lake.”


Ford has been working on this feature for quite a while now, and it made its debut in 2013 on Ford Atlas Concept event. The other features on the truck are inherited from the 2015 F-150 mostly, which include a 360-degree Camera System, which is one of its kinds for trucks, covering all the corners with smart angles making parking a cakewalk. Also, the lightings on the truck are energy efficient LEDs, as spotted on the headlamps, the cargo box interior lighting, and the forward-facing spotlights on the side view mirrors.


Some additional features present on the truck include the Curve Control, which helps the driver in maintaining proper control of their truck by automatically reducing torque and applying four-wheel braking when needed; the Lane-Keeping system, helping the driver to stay inside the intended driving lane using steering vibrations and steering torque suitably when required; and an Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning and Brake Support, which is present only on selected variant, and helps in measuring distance and speed of other vehicles moving in front of the truck and maintains a consistent following distance set by the driver automatically.

The pricing of the truck is not yet revealed by Ford, and the Trailer Backup Assist feature is expected to be available with only select trims of the truck. The Memorial Day is not too far away now, and people would be drooling to have the truck, but Ford is keeping them at the bay with the official unveiling next year in 2016.