47-year-old first-time mother delivers girl after complaining of abdominal pain

A 47 years old woman, Judy Brown, has been delivered of her first child after visiting the hospital to complain of abdominal pain. She gave birth to a 8-pound baby barely one after reaching the hospital.

Based in Massachusetts, Brown had visited the Beverly Hospital on Wednesday together with her husband Jason, to whom she had been married for 22 years.

She actually knew she gained some weight, but she thought this could be due to approaching menopause and some other changes associated with her age.

But she was surprised when the doctors told her she did not have any blockage but actually pregnant with a baby girl, and that she would be delivering within the hour.


Judy and husband Jason were not planning for any children, but they had the mindset that if anything happens, it happens. And leaving things to chance caused the inevitable to happen, despite her age.

But Jason has sort of learned a lesson despite the bundle of joy. He is now planning to get a vasectomy, and according to him, “I’ll get the surgery before it even becomes a thought.”

Judy gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Carolyn Rose. Judy said Carolyn is already “daddy’s little girl.”

Since they were not prepared to have any children, they did not have any baby things, but friends and family are rallying round to provide them with loaned supplies until they start to get what the newborn should need.


The couple is still surprised Judy was pregnant when all they thought of the baby bump was just weight gain. They didn’t suspect she was pregnant and even neighbors weren’t so sure, since the pregnancy did not slow the woman down in any way.

Medical experts are now advising women to visit the hospital early in time for checkups if they suspect they are adding weight and still having abdominal pain, because such hospital visits would reveal a lot about their condition and get them prepared for proper diagnosis.