5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Booking a Hotel

At some point in time, we all had unpleasant experiences with hotel booking. For instance, recently my sister visited Kolkata to attend a friend’s wedding. She did not verify the location and ended up picking one of the hotels in Kolkata which was far away from the venue of the wedding. As a result, she ended up spending more time in the notorious Kolkata traffic than at the marriage venue.

When planning a trip, narrowing down on a hotel is a huge decision. The hotel we pick should not only fit our budget, but it should also be comfortable as well as suit the agenda of the trip. To help novice and seasoned travelers find the perfect hotel, here are 5 pointers to keep in mind before booking a hotel:

Read online Reviews

Online hotel booking is a norm these days. We log on to travel aggregator websites like Yatra to pick up a hotel. However, before you hit the book button, we suggest that you read the reviews online. Check if the website has a social media page. Genuine reviews are easy to spot, and by reading through the comment and review section, you can make your decision. These reviews can give you close insight into the facility of the hotel which may not be listed on the website. The quality of room service, food, attentiveness of the staff, etc. are small yet significant information that you can gather by reading the online reviews about the hotel.

Check if the Hotel Offers Parking Space

This information is particularly relevant if you are on a road trip. Going on a road trip with friends and family is both fun and experiential. No matter how far is the distance, people do not hesitate to embark on a road trip. After covering a long distance in your car, you want to unwind at a comfortable hotel. You do not want to be concerned with the availability of parking space or park your car at an unsafe location. Therefore, before you book a hotel, always check if the establishment has a dedicated parking space.

Inquire About the WIFI

These days almost every hotel offers WIFI facility, however, don’t take this service for granted. This is because some hotel still doesn’t have WIFI. Fast internet at a hotel is important to people who are on a business trip. Having said that, many people prefer staying at a hotel that offers WIFI because it is easy to connect with family or friends back at home. Also, use of internet at home may be expensive. So, inquire about additional charges, the number of gadgets you can connect and so on and so forth. You do not want to be surprised by an expensive internet bill at the end of your stay.

Location of the Hotel

The location of the hotel will depend upon the purpose of your visit. If it is a stopover visit, you should book a hotel which is closer to the highway or the airport. Similarly, if you are attending a function or a wedding in another city, book a hotel close to the venue. For instance, if you are in Kolkata to attend a wedding in Park street, choose any of the hotels in Kolkata which is in and around Park Street. This will be convenient as well as time-saving.

Compare Prices

Price is a big concern when booking a hotel, however, to get the best deal you need to compare the prices. Don’t be surprised by the low price of the first hotel you find online. To get the best deal, you should compare the prices of the various hotel on different platforms. You can also call the hotel helpdesk and negotiate the pricing. This tactic can work, and you can get further discounts and offer. Any additional discount is always welcomed.

A bad hotel experience can douse down your holiday excitement. Therefore, if you have the best trip ever, keep the pointers mentioned above in mind.


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