5 Tips for Creating a Cool Atmosphere in the Office

Who doesn’t love summer? The heat can be great, but if you are working full-time in an office then it can feel unpleasant. No one knows how stifling the summer heat can be better than someone who works in an office through those arduous summer months without getting relief from the heat. To help you as the employer, here are great steps to keep your office cool so you and your team are comfortable.

1. Invest in Sturdy Blinds

The sun and the natural light coming in through the window can quickly heat up the interior space. Not only that, but it can prevent employees from sitting at their desks from seeing the computer screen clearly.

Rather than having them squinting at a bright screen, which can lead to eye strain, put up sturdy blinds in the windows of the office. A good, thick set of blinds can also prevent heat from coming into the room and turning it into the office sauna.

2. More Breaks can Keep you Cool

Work together with your employees to beat the summer heat. A good way to keep cool is to take brisk walks outside, in the shade. This allows people to get some fresh air without having the sun pounding on them.

While implementing more frequent breaks might seem counter-productive, think about it this way: Would you rather have someone go out for 10 minutes and work for the next 50 all refreshed and more alert, or would you keep them at their desks for 60 minutes, flustered and unable to concentrate? Now you understand why break periods are vital.

3. Put in an Air Conditioner

You’ve been thinking about it for a long time, so why not do it? The thing is, it’s not just about comfort. Excessive heat puts added stress on your employees’ bodies, as they struggle to keep cool in the high temperature.

To help your employees stay happy and productive, and the air conditioning system is a great way to go. Another option is an HVAC system that provides cold air in spring and summer while offering warm air in fall and winter. Look for trustworthy Commercial HVAC Repair Atlanta to maintain the unit properly to extend its lifespan.

4. Make the Dress Code an Appropriate One

While you don’t want employees coming into the workplace in tight shorts, loosening up the dress code can help them stay more comfortable through the hottest time of the year. Put T-shirts and short-sleeved shirts on your dress code this summer to help workers stay cool and productive.

5. Switch from Hot to Cold Beverages

There’s nothing quite like that second cup of hot coffee to perk you up mid-way through the workday, but it might be doing you a disservice. Hot beverages, such as coffee, tea, and even cocoa, tend to increase body temperature and blood flow. This causes you to sweat and feel even hotter, which is not what you want in the summer months.

So, consider making a switch from hot to cold. Thankfully, there are loads of delicious iced teas and coffees out there, just waiting for you to try them!

Getting through the Hot Weather

Staying cool in the summer heat isn’t always easy to do. In the end, it’s worth it because it boosts the efficiency of those in the workplace.

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Pooja Sachdeva

Pooja is a healthcare professional with a Master's in Public Health. She focuses on the impact of technology on healthcare, from telemedicine to wearable devices. Pooja is also a fitness enthusiast and loves to explore new health tech gadgets.