6 Cute Customizable Pieces Of Clothing To Use For Company Branded Merchandise

Getting some branded clothes for merchandise can be a great way to spread your brand recognition. It can also give your employees something stylish to wear to help them feel like a bigger part of the company community. There are plenty of options for things to brand, and it is often best to choose items that will be seen most often by others. Outerwear like jackets and hoodies are a great option, as are items worn regularly, like t-shirts.

You’ll need to balance between making sure your brand is visible and producing something so heavily branded that people might not want to wear it. The options you use will also depend on your business and the tone you want to convey.


T-shirts are one of the most common choices when branding clothes, as they are easy to produce and come in so many shapes and sizes that you’re likely to appeal to the greatest number of buyers and employees. You could choose to put your branding on a small area like the pocket space or a larger space across the front or back.


When the weather turns cold, people love getting snug in their hoodies. They are a popular casualwear item, meaning that people will visit friends and family wearing a hoodie with your branding on it.


Custom beanies like the ones from Bolt Printing are a cute and functional product that is probably best placed when worn to advertise your business. There are plenty of styles you can choose from that could suit businesses of all types and tones, as well as cold and mild weather wear. Bolt Printing has some excellent examples of stylish, functional, and high-quality custom beanies to choose from.


Sweaters are another great option, with a slightly less casual feel than hoodies. They can also be a good option for more extensive designs without feeling overdone. It is crucial to get sweaters of high quality, as these are items that are often worn extensively and need to hold up under cold weather conditions.


Aprons are another fun addition to your merchandising repertoire and one that employees and buyers can show off to guests during dinner parties or family meals. They may be a good option for businesses that specialize in the food industry.


Jackets are essential outerwear that come in a range of styles to suit your business needs. A warm waterproof jacket is a popular option, as it will give buyers and employees excellent functionality in the winter months.


Any of the above clothing options could be excellent choices for your brand. They are all functional while being stylish and timeless. Therefore, they won’t become dated, which will most likely be popular among customers and employees. If your primary goal is to provide employees with branded clothing, you could consider asking which types of clothing they would be most likely to get the most use out of.