6 Of The Most Visited Websites

There are billions of websites online, but this has not stopped several companies from accumulating huge portions of visitor traffic. Here are some quick profiles detailing 6 of the most visited websites online.


Amazon was started in Jeff Bezos’ garage in 1994 as a bookselling ecommerce platform. Since then, the company has evolved into a true behemoth. It currently has a 50 percent market share in the field of ecommerce – up from 37 percent in 2018. Amazon’s success comes down to peer reviewing, great customer service, fast delivery and good prices. The company is so successful that many 3rd party sellers use Amazon as the main online base for their sales and forego individual websites altogether. A huge industry has sprung up in order to support these sellers, and hopeful retailers can now hire an Amazon consultant in order to boost their sales on the platform.


The concept behind Wikipedia is a simple one: a peer resourced encyclopedia that uses the collective knowledge of the world’s internet users to continuously grow. This peer resourcing has led to some rather questionable ‘facts’ being published on the site – but Wikipedia has recently introduced new citation and factchecking requirements in order to keep the truth alive. Wikipedia is eminently popular and can boast around 18 billion page views every single month.


Baidu might not be a household name in the West, but it is a complete giant. The Chinese company specializes in producing search, AI and digital marketing solutions in much the same way as Google. The huge Chinese domestic market accounts for a large portion of its userbase. Internet use in China is heavily regulated, which has allowed domestic Chinese companies to challenge Western counterparts in crucial areas. The largest population in the world largely turns to Baidu for searching the internet.


You almost certainly used Google to find this list. Aside from the Chinese market, Google dominates the search engine market. The key to Google’s success lies in a constantly evolving search algorithm and an ever-expanding list of SEO services in Delhi. Courting the Google search algorithm is essential for companies wanting to make a mark online. The dominance of Google is unlikely to wane any time soon thanks to the huge resources and market share available to the company.


YouTube is the most popular video based social media and hosting website in the world. A simple interface, good analytics support and monetization model used by the company means that it remains extremely popular with content creators, influencers and filmmakers. YouTube does have some stark issues surrounding the unethical use of its algorithm, but the company is constantly making changes in order to make the space safer.


Twitter was revolutionary when it first launched: providing a platform for users to share their thoughts while using hashtags and account tags to boost their signal. The social media giant still remains relevant and is often the venue for political discussion and representation. For better or worse it has allowed everyone to be included in the conversation.