7 Dead Bodies Found At Helicopter Accident Site In Central Italy

On Saturday, June 11, 2022, an Italian fireman helicopter explores the location of a helicopter crash in central Italy. The burned crash site of a helicopter carrying seven people that went down in north-central Italy during a storm has been found, according to Italian rescuers. According to news sources, five bodies have been discovered.

Authorities said they found the bodies of seven people, including four Turkish and two Lebanese businesspeople, who perished when their helicopter crashed during a storm in a densely forested, hilly area of north-central Italy.

Rescue Team On The Way

Rescuers were tipped off to the accident location, according to Col. Alfonso Cipriano, who oversees an air force rescue coordination unit that has been leading the search since Thursday, during an outing on Mount Cusna on Saturday morning, a mountain runner reported finding what he thought was a piece of the wrecked helicopter

The spot was confirmed by air crews, and ground crews discovered five victims before finding the other two, according to Cipriano. The crash site was in a difficult-to-reach valley, and the chopper’s remains were hidden from air rescuers by dense foliage, but some branches were broken and charred, he said.

Chopper Disappeared

As it sailed over the region of Modena in the Tuscan–Emilian Apennines, the chopper vanished from radar screens Thursday morning. Cipriano claimed there had been reports of electric storms in the vicinity at the time. The chopper was transporting seven persons from Lucca to Treviso to see a tissue paper manufacturing site, including four Turkish residents, two Lebanese, and the Italian pilot.

Shadi Kreidi and Tarek Tayah, both executives at INDEVCO, an international manufacturing, and industrial consultant business, were recognised in Lebanon as the two Lebanese. They were rumored to be on a business trip together.

Hala, Tayah’s wife, was killed two years ago in a catastrophic explosion at Beirut’s port, which killed over 215 people and injured tens of thousands more.