Acura NSX ready to debut at Detroit Auto Show (+video)

Acura released a teaser image for their soon-to-be famous sports concept car that first made its way around the viewing world three years ago. That’s when the first prototype surfaced, and now, with significant changes made throughout the vehicle – at the Detroit Auto Show the Acura NSX will make its official debut.

The debut will reflect the work and effort that Acura has put into making this vehicle a reality. While it may have been a long period to wait for those who were anxious for the car to become available, preorders are now being accepted – and according to the company, have even been fulfilled. A twin-turbo V-6 is expected to be powering the vehicle as well as a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that will give the car incredible power and handling – while not going overboard.

The NSX will be considered a mid-sized, sports sedan – and is projected to hit the general market by the middle of 2015. According to Mike Accavitti, who showed his excitement about the vehicle in a statement said, “The NSX will serve as the ultimate expression of Acura performance that is fueling a reenergized brand.” Production of the new NSX will be occurring in Honda’s Marysville, Ohio plant – which was what many expected to see with this vehicle.

However, many of the details still remain at large regarding this vehicle. While some expect it to be a major hit, especially given that there will be a hybrid version of the vehicle as well, some are still skeptical with so little information actually on the record out there.

From start to look the NSX received a heavy overhaul from previous design. A very bold, supercar appearance that is elongated at the ends, and almost gives the vehicle an appearance of lights spewing out from the vehicle. In addition to the V-6 twin-turbo engine, the Acura NSX will have three electric motors functioning on the vehicle as well. First two will be set specifically to provide torque to the front wheels – while the last motor will drive the rear wheels. Interestingly enough, these are the motors that are electric – which is what has drawn so much attention.

Next month when the vehicle debuts it will definitely prove to be one of the biggest and most-anticipated Acura vehicles of the last several years, by far.