Adidas and Parley wants to turn sea trash into sneaker treasures

Adidas wants to turn trash into treasure, with a new initiative that will make the sneaker company one of the first to go truly eco-friendly with their sneaker designs. This particular launch is going to involve the first ever completely eco-friendly sneaker created entirely from waste product which is found in our waters around the world. Particularly, the plastics that are found in the ocean and recovered, which accounts for a massive amount of raw waste that is simply unaccounted for.

Research has revealed that there are nearly 46,000 plastic particles floating around every square mile of ocean territory, and Adidas wants to use this to their advantage. Instead of collecting this waste to see it disappear, the company will work to use it in their designs, and actually create products from the waste product that they recover. This could start an increasingly dramatic turn in the world of sports equipment, clothing, and more, as more companies work to do things that aren’t just eco-friendly, but actually go a ways to making Earth a little more hospitable.


The tagline that has been associated with this particular initiative is, “Oceans. Climate. Life.” This is a fitting mantra that will work well for Adidas, which has prided itself on being a sporting goods company, that can also do the lifestyle space very well. Cyrill Gutsch said of the event where the initiative was announced that, “At Parley for the Oceans, we want to establish the oceans as a fundamental part of the debate around climate change. Our objective is to boost public awareness and to inspire new collaborations that can contribute to protect and preserve the oceans.”

Perhaps most interestingly, the shoes actually turned out a lot better – from a product standpoint than anyone had really expected. While this was expected to be a solid product in terms of the impact it would inevitably have on the overall marketplace. This wasn’t something that people expected to make a big splash due to its overall appeal in design. However, a very solid product was designed, and through that, Adidas has managed to put something together that is going to make a very big splash.

At this point though, the current design is a prototype. Down the road Adidas said that they will be unleashing a shoe that is “very similar” to this particular design when they feel more comfortable about how the shoe is coming out in the final product. That is something that a company like Adidas is going to want under control before they actually make a move on it.