Adobe Photoshop celebrating 25 year anniversary of PHOTOSHOPPING

Photoshop has been around for years. It’s engrained itself as a part of digital culture and the Internet, as much as the photos that they manipulate do. It’s now celebrating its 25th anniversary and users couldn’t be happier about the product that still lives today. It’s something that doesn’t even just have a physical place in our world. It’s had such an impact on digital photography that it’s even become a phrase. The idea of “photoshopping” something is a thing that only came due to the product.


Photoshop though is something that has greatly improved throughout the years. Just as other technology has improved throughout the course of the last 20 years – the software has improved here with this program as well. Allow photographers, and Internet enthusiasts alike to create more, and generate unique images with Photoshop. One major high-point for Photoshop was the ease of use that accompanied the technology. This wasn’t something that was challenging to use, and it wasn’t something that required a lot of time to learn and understand. Instead, users could jump right in, get started, experiment a little bit and develop a thorough ability to use the program.

Another major mark in favor of Photoshop is the fact that it’s a program that has been historically used by both amateurs and professionals, and considered the gold standard for the longest period of time in the computing and personal computing space. While there are other programs on the market now, especially with mobile platforms giving users the ability to edit photos to some degree – nothing has matched what Photoshop has done to date, in any true capacity.