All Apple Watch orders will require reservation

Apple has released a lot of useful information over the course of the last several days. While many were excited about the walk through videos and the tutorial videos that actually showed off exactly what the Apple Watch would be capable of, it really wasn’t the big news of the weekend for Apple. Instead, the confirmation of just how few Apple Watches would actually be available became the big story.

Apple announced that unless a customer preordered the Apple Watch they would not be able to get the device when it launched in stores. This came as a surprise to some who thought that they would at least have enough of a supply built up by the time the launch occurred that they would be able to accommodate some in store purchases. However, it would appear as though anyone who doesn’t preorder the Apple Watch will be out of luck.

Possibly the most interesting point about Apple making this decision is the fact that they might not change their mind about this policy. Meaning, right now it would appear as though this is going to be a policy that sticks around well beyond the initial launch. That’s something that will likely turn a few of its customers off. Anyone who previously enjoyed being able to walk into an Apple store and just pick up a piece of technology they want that day on a whim – it won’t be happening with the Apple Watch.

Instead, Apple actually confirmed that the only way customers will be getting their hands on the Apple Watch – for what could be months – is through an online reservation. That might seem like a quick way to drive away customers – and it will surely impact the number of devices they move throughout this calendar year – but it definitely reflects what the company’s stock of Apple Watches actually is. The number of devices they have on hand is definitely not what some analysts believed they would – and this likely ends the notion that they could move upwards of 10 million this year alone – if the only way it can be done is via online reservation.

The Apple Watch will be available for preorder on April 10th and will go on sale in stores on April 24th but that second date won’t mean much given the fact that no one can actually walk into a store and make a purchase for an Apple Watch on the spot.