Amazing Carbon3D print out of OOZE using CLIP technology (+video)

The CLIP or Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology will fascinate you even if you are not very keen to learn about 3D printing. The credit of introducing this amazing technology goes to Carbon3D.

CLIP, unlike the conventional layer-by-layer printing technology used by most 3D printers, is not time-intensive. It is capable of completing printing jobs 25 to 100 times faster than almost every printing machine you have seen before.

Carbon3D’s printing technique will surely remind fans of the famous Terminator series about the shape-shifting robot T-1000; it’s a fictional robot made of liquid metal.

The process CLIP uses to print 3D objects is similar to the one used by laser 3D printers. However, it doesn’t mean that the laser printing technology is as efficient as CLIP; as mentioned above, CLIP can complete printing jobs much quicker.

Unlike conventional 3D printers, which work by using laser, CLIP operates using an ultraviolet projector. The projector is placed underneath a resin tray, from where it projects images to show how the layers should form.

Light reaches the resin though a specially designed oxygen-permeable window and hardens it. However, the parts of the resin that come in contact with oxygen don’t harden. The hardened part eventually forms the 3D printed shape.

One thing that must be mentioned here is that the printer is quite small, which means you can only expect a very small output from it. Reports suggest that the printer is capable of creating objects that are not taller than 1 ft and wider than 4 inches. It’s not known whether Carbon3D has plans of introducing a model capable of offering bigger outputs anytime soon; so, for now we’ll have to be happy with this small, but innovative offering.

Crabon3D has created the CLIP technology for making commercial printers more efficient. Businesses, as a result, are waiting eagerly to get hold of the machine. They are interested in the machine not only because of its ability of completing printing jobs fast, but also because it can print objects using an array of materials.

According to reports, this Carbon3D printer can print objects using elastomers as well as hard and sturdy materials that are normally used for making automobiles and other machineries.