Amazon Kindle update brings hassle-free, private instant previews sharing using mobile apps

Amazon has announced an update to Kindle, which will allow users to preview books on a browser, or within the Kindle app easier, without any challenge. Moving forward, there won’t be any need to download different apps, or have varying levels of communication with different things to have certain elements functional. These sharing updates will make sharing clips, quotes, or book previews easy.

Amazon said in an announcement that, “The perfect quote in a book isn’t always the perfect quote for your whole social network. Now it’s easy to share exactly what you want in a Kindle book with exactly who you want.” They went on to point out that, “Kindle makes it easy to chat about the books you’re reading, whether it’s making a recommendation or sparking a conversation about a quote you loved. And friends who receive the share can instantly start reading a free sample of the book—no sign-up, no sign-in, and no app to install.”


This is something that has become increasingly necessary thanks to the changes that have taken place in the e-reader community. While use of the Kindle app has remained positive, readers are significantly less popular. That’s why Amazon will be introducing this update to users of the Kindle e-readers as well. This will mean that those using the Kindle reader will have significantly more functionality inside their reader than they ever did before.

To share sections or portions of a book, users simply have to highlight the portion that they went, inside the Kindle app and at that point they will have the opportunity to share it via Messenger or WhatsApp. These two apps specifically are significant upgrades to previous options that existed. The wider range of options in terms of sharing are there to making engaging others about the books users are reading on Kindle easier.

As Amazon pointed out in their statement, the mission here is to expand their user base even more than it’s already been expanded. However, one thing that isn’t clear is when the features will launch on Kindle readers. These devices are said to be getting the features later this year, but that doesn’t seem to have a hard date set on it yet – which has left some concerned about when it will launch.