Amazon PC game build is OFFICIALLY underway

Amazon is officially entering the gaming space in a big way. While they have worked hard to this point to become a name people recognize in the space – they’re now taking that drive a whole lot further. They announced through an advertisement that they would be assembling a dream team of developers to ensure that this ambitious platform they’re taking on comes to fruition. Amazon says that in addition to using services they already own, like Twitch and the Amazon Cloud to make the game happen – they’ll be taking advantage of what they call, “technical innovation” which will “radically evolve gameplay.”

While we’re not entirely positive what specifically the game, or games that are developed will look like when they’re finished products – it is universally accepted that there will be a massive leap when it comes to gameplay, and that it will probably be incredibly focused on multiplayer. That’s what makes having Twitch at Amazon’s disposal so interesting. Amazon will be able to work some incredibly impressive multiplayer features into their game using Twitch that really hasn’t been captured before.


The big question at this point is whether this will compete with some of the other big names in gaming. That being said, one look at the team of developers that Amazon has assembled in Seattle and it’s clear that they are not messing around here. In that sponsored post that made their ambitions official, Amazon said, “Our team in Seattle has worked on a lot of other great titles like Half Life 2, Left for Dead, Dota 2, Halo, Infamous, Shadows of Mordor and The Last of Us.”

First off, if Amazon were not serious about competing with some major names in the gaming space, they would not have spent the time, money, or resources it would have undoubtedly taken to get these employees on-board. Secondly, if they didn’t have every intention of attacking mainstream platforms – they wouldn’t be announcing it the way they have to this point. They haven’t gone out of their way to make it clear what they’re doing. Amazon is clearly playing this one under the radar, and it’s clearly going to work out well for them.

At this point though it appears as though Amazon is the company that will benefit most from this, clearly. However, it would also appear as if a few other companies might benefit from the new dream team of developers. Right now it isn’t clear what they’ll be working on, or for what platform.s If they decide to put together a game, or several games, with all of these great features, cutting edge technologies, and applications from their own back of tricks – then those platform companies are going to see a significant boost in their stock as well.

Amazon though is going to thrive with this newly assembled dream team of options. Forget about all of the things that we’ve said to this point about what Amazon is doing. Take only at face value that Amazon has decided to incorporate all of these incredible features and technologies together into one-singular focus and what you’re left with is thoroughly impressive. The Twitch acquisition is one that has raised some speculation since it happened – but this could make good on a lot of talk that Amazon has been spewing about what the might be doing in the gaming industry.