American Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV Killed In Mosul In ISIS attack

An American Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV, who served as an advisor to Kurdish Peshmerga forces that are fighting ISIS, has been killed in Mosul. Three American contractors are also missing in Iraq.

Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV, is the grandson of savings-and-loan financier Charles Keating Jr. It is the third American casualty since the US redeployed forces in Iraq in the summer of 2014. American forces served only an advisory role but conducted special operations against ISIS.

Charles Keating IV was serving as an advisor to Kurdish Peshmerga forces that were fighting ISIS.
Charles Keating IV died as a result of a synchronized and multifarious attack by more than 100 ISIS fighters nearly 30 km north of Mosul.

Islamic State militants broke through Kurdish defensive lines and launched an attack with small arms and car bombs.
Keating came from an illustrious lineage with his grandfather Charles Keating, serving in World War I.

His grandfather, Charles Keating Jr. was a naval pilot in World War II. Navy SEAL Charlie Keating himself was an acclaimed Arcadia High School distance runner and was a part of many successful operations against the enemies of US. He was serving the fourth tour in the Middle East, according to family friend.

The U.S. immediately counterattacked with F-15s and drones that dropped more than 20 bombs butt could not break the siege.

The death of the US Navy Seal once again brought into sharp focus the dangers faced by US servicemen albeit in an advisory role and will once again test President Obama’s resolve to take on the ISIS and other jihadi forces that are detrimental to the US and its allies interests.

Kurdish forces who once controlled vast swathes in the north of Iraq have been able to withstand the ISIS blitzkrieg by American strikes and slowly regaining the lost ground.

The governor of Arizona from where the brave heart came has ordered all state flags to be flown half-staff from sunrise to sunset Wednesday, and flags will be lowered on the day of his interment.