Andhra Pradesh Govt unleashes High Speed FiberNet Broadband Service

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandrababu Naidu launched the first phase of Fiber Grid project in Visakapattanam on March 18, 2016. This project aims to provide top speed broadband connectivity at a cheap rate.

Fiber Optics can be considered as the future of Internet, and many top rated companies are providing fiber services all around the nation. Andhra Pradesh Government signed a MoU with Cisco, and Chandrababu Naidu announced that this is the first Statewide Broadband project in the country. The new initiative has been named ‘AP Fibernet’.

‘AP Fibernet’ will offer 15Mbps broadband connection at 149 INR for households while 100 Mbps connection will be given to offices at 999 INR per month.

The new project is expected to create revolutions in the state, as all other connections are charging a huge amount for plans like these. The State Government is planning to connect more than 1.3 Crore households through AP Fibernet.

AP Fibernet has been initiated with an estimated cost of 333 Crore INR. Initially, this broadband service will be available in Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam, and Vizianagaram, starting from April 2016. The project will be spread to other parts of the state bu July 2016.

N Chandrababu Naidu after launching this initiative told that his Government aims to provide low-cost broadband connection in the state as a part of Digital India project.

John T Chambers, Executive Chairman of Cisco said that the company will set up an Internet of Everything Innovation Center to catalyze regional innovation.

People in Andhra Pradesh are in a state of ecstasy as they will get 15 Mbps broadband connection at such a low rate.