Android for Work appears on the Play Store

Android for Work has officially appeared on the Google Play Store, which is a major move in the right direction for Google – who is trying to capture more enterprise users. Android for Work is an interesting concept that essentially allows two devices to live within one. For example, Android for Work allows users to feel confident that their personal information will not enter the work space of their device. Specifically, that means ensuring that a personal device could also be used for work purposes.

Google has put together a series of Android resources and apps that will ultimately make up Android for Work. It aims to accomplish what other users can’t accomplish in the work space with their personal devices. For example, this will ensure that those who use a secure work email – will be able to keep that email separate from their personal email accounts – and instead of having to run them through the same application – they will be given the opportunity to run them in chorus with each other.


So far, Adobe, Box, Concur, Salesforce, and SAP are the third-party companies that have joined Google in producing Android for Work. Collectively, these companies provide key services to businesses and professionals – and Google was smart to partner with companies like this to ensure that their bottom line remains stable in this venture. Running two devices from one device is an interesting concept, that many have thought about trying – and even some like BlackBerry have done with mixed results.

If Google could make this type of system mainstream by delivering Android for Work throughout the entire system – then this would be one of the more impressive things that the company could achieve to date. It might even spawn a new era, when users who have jobs that require a secure device, don’t have to give up the notion of using a single device instead of using multiple. It remains to be seen though how this performs on the open market. It could garner mixed results, but Google will likely continue working with the product and continue bringing more developers on board with them.