Angry Bird 2 crosses 10 million download, huge revenues coming for Rovio

Killing the evils pigs is always fun and with the Angry Birds 2 it got even better and bigger. Rovio released an upgraded version of Angry Birds, and it has already crossed 10 million downloads at the App Store and Play store. Rovio has made some serious changes; it is now even harder to break the levels and keep you going you skipping the timer Rovio gives you an option to make in-app purchases. Rovio is going to dump some good cash stash with this new in-app purchases  — Humans simply can’t wait.

The entire game has been split into a series of stages each with levels ranging from two to five. Apart from that Rovio also changed the way birds are revealed for a level. Earlier players used to know the sequence of birds, however, in the Angry Birds 2 they are shown during the game play using some randomly selected cards, which changes every time you play a level – Certainly adds a lot to its toughness.

The cards in the game, however, are limited, and players get five lives at the start. Each life with a timer and you lose it if you fail the mission or run out of the bird cards before you assassinate all of the piglets. Every time you lose your life you wait for them to be available again. Meanwhile, there is another daily tournament in which you can enter once in three hours. It will have all the birds with limited random cards.

Well, there is always a way to skip the timer – Spend your cash. Rovio has provided some in-app purchases allowing the players to buy gem packs that could be further used to gain life or to bypass the times. Certainly, this is one of the best strategies mobile games developers use these days.

A player can observe some magical things as well,  which includes a ray that inflates the pigs, a rubber ducky rain and the Mighty Eagle taking everything with just a swipe.

Apart from that, if you don’t wish to spend your gems, you can always watch an advertisement video in the app to earn lives for free – classic advertisement techniques. The game has become a lot challenging than the previous editions, and now Rovio also has a way to earn some real cash.

Let me tell you what Rovio exactly did here. Another game company called SuperCell launched this game known as Clash of Clans, almost three years and today it generates a billion dollar revenue for the enterprise. No advertisements, no videos to watch, it is purely based on the timer and human patience. While some can wait, other just buy the gem pack and spend it to skip the hold on – without a doubt, spender have a better count than the non-spenders.