Antikythera wreck leads to new treasures like geared computer and broze spear

Antikythera has been the site of many historic finds throughout the last 100 years, and once again this famous shipwreck dates back between 70-60 BC was the site of more history. Initially excavated by divers more than 100 years ago this most recent effort took place from September 15th to October 7th, nearing a month of recovery.

The greatest treasure recovered from the site are the remains of a geared “computer” which was used to calculate location, by means of making comparisons to astronomical objects. However, the most recent investigation retrieved tableware, ship components, and a giant bronze spear which was likely a part of a statue from the ships upper deck.


Past expeditions have recovered statues made of marble, and it would fit in with period, and with craft that these sat atop the statues when the ship cruised the ocean in its day. An interesting, and breakthrough piece of equipment was used during the process, as it was the first time the Exosuit was put to use.

The Exosuit would be best compared to the Iron Man suit for underwater. It allows the individual in the suit to stay under for as many as 50 hours at a time without reaching the surface. It’s believed that combined with this suit, many more treasures and discoveries can be made at the site if they go back again.

It’s believed that the individual who was on the ship original was a woman, preparing to be married, or recently married – traveling from the coast of Asia Minor to Rome. However, with so much still to be learned about the site, ship, contents, and the waters around it – there is much more research to be done before anyone calls the project finished.

This was also a major accomplishment for the Exosuit, since this was the first time it was used in real-time practice. Many had speculated that the suit would do wonders for the community and make further excavations possible by increasing the amount of time a diver could stay under, since that is typically the biggest reducing factor in how much can be accomplished in one dive.

While it would be unlikely that anyone would be staying underwater for the full 50 hours that the Exosuit is capable of, it does give further hope to making more significant discoveries on this specific location.

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