Apple 12-inch MacBook roundup: Everything you should know before buying

Apple surprised a lot of people last month when they introduced a new MacBook laptop to their lineup of personal computing devices. In catching a lot of people off guard, one of the big things that Apple accomplished in showing off this new device was making people feel alienated. It lacked the traditional ports, was looked at as something that would replace the MacBook Air eventually and was significantly thinner than anything Apple had produced to date.

Now though, the new 12-inch MacBook’s have been in store for a while now and customers have had the chance to try them out, get a feel for them, and really see what they’re all about. That feeling of being alienated has quickly turned into excitement for a product that might really change the way Apple handles computing down the road. Most notably, Apple was able to introduce a product that is more capable of being brought on the move than ever before.

It might be thin, but performance is the focus


It measures in at roughly .14-inches and weighs 2lbs. It’s significantly smaller and lighter than anything else Apple has produced, and many have quipped that it’s like an iPad attached to a keyboard. That being said though, with options for a 1.1GHz processor, or a 1.2GHz processor – that will come with 8GB of RAM and two internal storage options, which will be 256GB and 512GB. The processor that Apple went with is the Intel Core M, which has turbo boosts up to 2.4GHz and 2.6GHz.

It won’t just look pretty, it’ll be pretty to use

The new MacBook features Retina Display, as well as an Intel HD Graphics 5300 card. While the design elements will be great to look at on top of a desk, the internal design elements are equally as impressive. Apple is boasting three colors with this MacBook, with traditional silver, gold, and space gray all options for this device. The keyboard is also impressive, given the fact that it’s actually smaller than what people are used to today. That’s not to say though that users will have a harder time typing on this keyboard – because Apple did two things that tightened up the overall function of their keyboards with this device.

The two things Apple did right with this keyboard make it second-to-none

Apple tightened up the keyboard by packing the keys in closer together. For those who have actually seen it, the first thing that’s noticeable is that the keys are the same size as previous keyboards. They even feel a little larger. However, that’s because they’re pulled in closer together. Which is helpful for those who do a lot of typing on their computers. The second thing Apple did was break away from the scissor design and went with the butterfly design. It allowed Apple to create a more compact and impressive design. The keys will also be significantly more durable and way less susceptible to getting dust, crumbs or other pieces of debris under them.

It only has one USB-C port, but honestly that isn’t the worst thing in the world


Apple has been catching a lot of heat for only including one USB-C port in addition to the headphone jack. However, that doesn’t matter given how well the USB-C port functions. It’s a more durable charging port – when it comes right down to it, USB-C cables are more durable than any traditional cable, and plainly put – it’s the port of the future when it comes to computers. Adapters are very affordable, and if someone is willing to pay that much for a laptop in the first place, they certainly shouldn’t mind spending a little more to have an extender or adapter.

After all, no one is going to be buying the new MacBook for how inexpensive it is. That simply isn’t the case, and Apple knows its customers will still purchase this new MacBook as they produce them because it’s a great machine from top to bottom.

It’s a little more expensive, but there are a couple ways to look at that

The new MacBook’s will cost $1,299 and $1,599 respectively. Both prices are high, compared to the MacBook Air, for example, but this probably won’t be the starter Apple laptop that is purchased by shoppers. Instead, it’ll be an upgrade device. Meaning, someone who is already running a MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro who is looking for something smaller, lighter, or faster – would likely purchase one of these two devices. Either way, the thing to remember is that the MacBook, no matter how odd it may seem with some of its commodities, will have its customers. It’s also important to remember that this is the direction laptops are going – and Apple has always had good luck pushing the trends forward.