Apple and BMW in rumors to design an electric car for future

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) and BMW are likely to have a collaboration to build a car with an Apple branding on it. According to the Reuters, Cupertino giant’s CEO and other top officials visited the BMW HQ to know more about the tools they use, to which BMW officials hinted a license agreement for the iPhone-maker.

Even though there have been questions about the tooling and production technology BMW uses, the car maker giant denied having any collaboration with Apple Inc on the manufacturing of an electric passenger car.

Apart from that, BMW mentioned that the Apple Inc is somehow impressed the way we abandoned the traditional technologies and invented new for the automotive manufacturing and design. Reports suggest that the Apple executives might re-initiate the talks for the joint development of an electric car.

Apple Inc has been in rumors for a while for the development of an electric car at the secret labs located a few block away from 1 Infinite Loop. It has already hired engineers from the automobile industry, experts from the battery research areas and pioneers of some other fields for the development of its electric car.

The BMW and Apple meet up reminds us something when Steve Jobs visited the Xerox HQ and then invented the mouse for the Macintosh computers. Is Cupertino giant trying to repeat the history again? We can say so because Apple wouldn’t visit an automobile giant with its top executives just for a vacation. It certainly has plans to manufacture an electric car for the next generation.

Rumors suggest that Sir Johnathon Ive rejected one of the early designs for the car and now is working again to produce an another iteration. It proves that we won’t be able to see the car at least for ten years. But, if Apple provides it, then it would only be limited to few countries and most probably only to the United States.

We also have another rumor stating that the Apple was trying to acquire Tesla Motors, but Elon Musk was a hard fish to catch – the CEO politely denied Cupertino giant’s offer.

Apple sees a bright future in the manufacturing of cars, and very well knows that the world needs something before the oil reaches its extinction point. Several data analysts believe that the oil won’t be available on this planet after 40 years or more.