Apple Car leaked documents confirm its arrival

One more document that The Guardian took control of made even more facts on the rumored Apple Car reach the surface. In a recent series of events, Apple officials had a meeting with the California’s Department of Motor Vehicles regarding the launch of the vehicle. Assuming the Apple Car is slowly becoming a reality, the Cupertino giant may announce the very first automotive vehicle from the company by the end of the year 2016.

As per the revealed documents, Mike Maletic, senior legal counsel at Apple Inc, had a meeting with the Bernard Soriano, DMV Deputy Director and Stephanie Dougherty, chief of strategic planning, for the vehicle regulation. All of these documents are legit and are marking the presence of Apple Car being in the development. Earlier, reports claimed that the company will release it in the year 2020, however, the way it is progressing, it seems that the Cupertino giant’s car will soon be on the roads of California.

However, Apple is a company that produces consumer products, and to manufacture an automobile is an entirely different realm the Cupertino giant is looking at. Does that signify Apple is slowly gearing towards a saturation where Johny Ive won’t be able to create any more design, and the iPhone becomes a mere gadget that only upgrades its specifications? Indeed, Apple is looking forward to exploring the new dimensions for generating the revenues. We are not expecting the Apple Car to be an inexpensive vehicle or something that is coming for a price of Tesla Model S.

The production of an electric/automotive vehicle may drive the fans around the world, but apparently company will have to bring in even more changes in the entire business infrastructure. The company needs to sign new import contracts from the governments. Such changes may or may not drive the company into earning huge profits.

So far the benefits are concerned, Apple is less likely to make the quick cash the way it does with the iPhone and other portable products. The production of the cars will be slow and will not be available in all of the countries, including China from where Cupertino giant drives a majority of the profit.

At least for a decade we are not looking at a new force driving the balance sheets of the Apple Inc. The Car may or may not be able to do this. Apart from this, Google, Uber, and Tesla, will become the company’s closest rivals in the automobiles, then we have the giants of Europe.