Apple continues to struggle with App Store and iTunes Store

Apple continues to see plenty of issues within its App Store and iTunes store, as the company battles with apparent cloud-based issues. An outage today marked yet another occasion where two of the company’s most significant marketplaces were subjected to being left blank in many instances. The outage left users without the ability to search, while everything else seemed to function normally. The major difference between this outage, and those which have typically been experienced historically is that the outage wasn’t actually giving an error, or “failure to connect” message – which typically accompanies an issue like this.

While the issue was resolved relatively quickly, it does speak to the larger problem that seems to be popping up with Apple. There isn’t any certainty with regards to why it’s happening, but the fact that it’s happening more frequently and happening with little warning is giving users pause while they’re downloading their apps. This particular issue showed that there were no results to show, in any location within the store – something that clearly is not the case.

Even as Apple quickly addresses the issues, it would seem now some users are asking – “how soon will this happen again?” It’s hard to blame them, too. Right now, users are experiencing no issues and that “global” problem which some were experiencing earlier today has been resolved. The last time this happened the issue went on for nearly 7 hours before finally being resolved. This time, Apple seemed to be significantly more proactive when it came to addressing the issues at hand and getting their stores back online and ready to go.

Apple has had a powerful start to 2015 and this would seem like the last thing that the company needs to slow them down. We’re now getting closer to the launch of the Apple Watch and with a lot of excitement building around it, Apple wants to maintain that momentum heading right into the core of the 2015 calendar.