Apple iPhone 6 break pre order records, How to buy an iPhone 6

Apple revealed that the number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S pre-orders are breaking records as compared to other iPhone releases from the past. Apple released a statement describing that the “response to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been incredible, with a record number of preorders overnight.”

AT&T, one of the carriers of iPhone 6 in the US also supported the high volume of pre-orders in a statement released by the company. Glenn Lurie, the CEO of AT&T, mentioned that “this is our biggest Phone, preorder launch day ever.” AT&T was the first mobile providers which carried the first iPhone exclusively for 3 years. This resulted in creating a solid and loyal following in the US market even if other mobile carriers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. also entered the market.

The large demand has also caused some trouble for both Apple and the mobile carriers to keep up with the rising demand. 2 hours after the iPhone 6 was launched, the online Apple store experienced outages due to the sheer volume of people who are availing of the pre-order. This outage was not reported publicly, but Apple has assured customers that their website is already online and available to handle pre-orders.

How to buy?

The newest Apple offerings can be ordered online through the Apple online store, or they can go directly to the Apple store. Mobile carriers also offers different deals which can increase the capacity of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. People who have already ordered online should brace themselves for delay as Apple is already informing people who have pre-ordered that there will be a 14-day delay in shipping for the iPhone 6 and a 42-day delay for iPhone 6 Plus. As the official launch of both models is set to be on September 19, 2014, customers would have to do a lot of waiting due to the delay.