Apple products frenzy continues: Watch sells out in less than 6 hours

Apple might have set some intense restrictions on how consumers could see, or buy the Apple Watch, but what they didn’t do was expect for their brand new wearables to sell out in under 6 hours. Yet, that’s exactly what happened. The devices which were only going to be available for preorder, or purchase, for the forseable future as Apple pointed out, were sold out in under 6 hours, in what felt like an absolute shock and record.

Even more shocking is the fact that some users will have to wait until June, or later now to get their device. Even those who placed orders today. Many orders were put on “back order” and that began happening just a few hours after the preordering began. Around 9am EST the Apple Watch was completely sold out, and unavailable across the country. While it didn’t go on sale until 301 am EST, it was going on back order for many consumers between 8-10 am EST. That’s saying something since early indications were that Apple would have a stock of roughly 10 million, by the end of spring.


Granted, this could lineup with preorders, as the website is now saying that most orders will ship by June. However, it’s really impressive that Apple was able to put this together in such a short amount of time. This also is impressive given the fact that Apple will not be selling the Apple Watch in stores at all, for quite a while at the very least. It would be a surprise if the company were to change their tune on that, given the fact that they have already burned through most of their stockpile of Apple Watches.

It’s also interesting given the fact that the timing would suggest that Apple might actually be working on a second edition of the Apple Watch after all. They might be working on a smart watch that would release later this year – closer to holiday time. These are just a few of the big takeaways though for the launch itself, which will now go by without any physical Apple Watches being placed in customers hands.