Apple Store Back to School 2024: Unlock Savings on Macs and iPads with Exclusive Gift Card Offers

Apple Store Back to School 2024
Get up to $150 gift card with your purchase of Mac or iPad from Apple Store's Back to School 2024 deals. Exclusive offers also include educational discounts and savings on AppleCare+.

Apple’s annual Back to School promotion, highly anticipated by students and educators, has rolled out across the U.S. and Canada, offering significant savings on its technology products. This year’s promotion, which traditionally aids students gearing up for the academic year, includes up to $150 in Apple gift cards upon the purchase of select Macs and iPads, alongside other enticing offers.

What the Promotion Includes

The 2024 Back to School deal provides a $150 gift card with the purchase of select MacBook models, including the popular MacBook Air and MacBook Pro variants. For those considering iPads, a $100 gift card accompanies the purchase of eligible iPad models such as the iPad Air and iPad Pro. This offer aligns with Apple’s strategy to support educational pursuits by making its technology more accessible to the student demographic.

Additional Benefits

In addition to the gift card, purchasers can benefit from educational pricing, which offers a lower-than-retail price on devices, making it an even more attractive option for students and teachers. Discounts on AppleCare+ are also part of the package, allowing buyers to secure their devices against potential damage or technical issues at a reduced cost.

Exclusions and Availability

Notably, certain products like the Mac mini, Mac Pro, and the standard iPad are excluded from this year’s promotion. The offers are available directly through Appleā€™s education store online, ensuring students can easily upgrade or acquire new devices for their studies.

International Offers

While the core of the promotion remains consistent with past years in North America, Apple is also extending similar offers internationally, including regions like Thailand, Singapore, and India. In some areas, Apple supplements the gift card with free second-generation AirPods, further enhancing the value of the purchase.

Duration of the Promotion

The promotion spans several months, typically from early June through the end of September, providing ample time for students to assess their needs and make purchases before the school year commences.

Apple’s Back to School promotion remains a cornerstone of its engagement with the educational sector, providing students and educators with valuable tools at more accessible price points. This strategic initiative not only fosters brand loyalty among young consumers but also supports the educational community at large.

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