Apple Watch developers getting unshackled from development restrictions

Apple Watch developers are going to be getting their hands untied by Apple. The tech giant has plans to unveil a developers tool kit that will completely change the way developers interact with the Apple Watch. The big problem with the Apple Watch to this point is that it has lacked in terms of freedom. Animations are somewhat limited, and the animations that do exist on the devices at this moment require several seconds to load. In simple terms, the current setup for developers is anything but advantageous. Right now, there isn’t anything that encourages development on the Apple Watch.

That is surprising given how important the Apple Watch is for Apple as a company. This is one of the first large, standalone creations that wasn’t built under Steve Jobs. While there was always a lot of buzz about smartphones, and the iPhone will continue to be the big draw for Apple – that isn’t exclusively what makes Apple tick. For Apple, the most important thing that they’re doing now, is to get new users on-board with the Apple Watch. One of the easiest ways to do that, would be by making app development on the Apple Watch simpler.

Apple promises now though at the start of WWDC that they will be giving deep and unprecedented access to the sensors and components of Apple Watch that make it function the way we see it operate in its physical sense. This will give developers the incredible opportunity to really develop some outstanding apps that could even be great standalone products, as Apple Watch is surely going to evolve into a standalone device sooner than later.

Apple Watch

Phillip Ryu is one of these developers. He owns a significant developer company, which focuses on building games, and he said of the current situation that, “It feels like we have both our hands tied behind our backs, and that’s why you haven’t seen anything really impressive.” However, he went on to point out that, “it sounds like they plan on untying our hands.”

It’s important to realize that app development really is key in the entire Apple Watch integration process. For CEO Tim Cook, even with all of the success that Apple has experienced, if Apple Watch doesn’t live up to some of the very lofty expectations, or even exceed them to a certain degree – there is going to be a significant problem inside the Apple management chain. Apple knows though that the answer is opening things up, and allowing developers to have the freedom to make things their own. Ultimately, as Apple continues to build a better product – they have found that even in their operating systems – some things are better left up to the individual user.

App development is crucial to the Apple Watch, so this tool kit appears to be the logical choice. By giving developers access to more of the internal function, more software, and giving them more to work with in terms of creating better apps for Apple Watch – it should allow Apple to really build on the success that the Apple Watch has already seen and felt since its launch in April.

This coming week though, at Apple WWDC, there will be significant work to be done in terms of unleashing the next wave of software for various Apple products. Whether we’re talking about Apple’s OS X getting a significant upgrade, or we’re talking about iOS 9, the updates are going to be thorough. More importantly, they’re going to be everywhere, so it’s important to note that there is a good chance that Apple brings something on that could completely invigorate the company again like it was in the first part of the year.

The focus though right now, is getting better apps on the Apple Watch. Apple knows that it needs to focus on winning the wearable space because that is the space of the future, even if it doesn’t have the general market share that some of the other devices, like iPhone does at the moment. This is about playing the long-game and understanding that there is something much larger to win here by allowing developers to have greater freedom and build a better product for their Apple Watch.