Apple Watch gets mixed review for opening weekend

Apple Watch has been the expected smash hit in the tech world all year. The hype that has been going since it was first shown off last fall, have caused a stop and gawk moment for most individuals in the tech world. This past weekend happened to be the point when the company would begin selling preorders for their Apple Watches. However, it appeared as though it sold out rather quickly – leaving many to wonder if the company crushed all expected sales figures.

Apple hasn’t officially announced how well they did, but many analysts have been calling the opening weekend “respectable,” and describing it as having a “slow start.” However, it would appear as though, according to the figures that have been widely reported that around one million devices were preordered over the weekend. Again, those numbers aren’t terrible, but they aren’t spectacular either.


It leaves many to wonder if the company will be able to deliver with a lot more product heading into the official in-store launch of the Apple Watch. After all, Apple had just recently announced that individuals would only be able to secure their device by placing an order, or reserving one online. Causing even more concern is the fact that Apple’s supply appears to have been so limited that many orders won’t be fulfilled until June – and that is for preorders that took place over opening weekend.

At this point it really begs questions about what the company can realistically provide heading into the launch weekend in stores. On that note, if they would be unable to deliver a good number of products in store, then it might suggest that they are really just going to fall severely short of that estimated 20 million unit mark – that many analysts had them hitting in 2015.

This also will raise questions about how connected Apple is to the Apple Watch, and whether the company is headed directly toward adding an Apple Watch 2 for the second half of the year – like some insider reports have suggested. If that is the case, then the company might be compelled to keep stocks low on the Apple Watch, and make the bigger play around holiday time, when these devices are sure to be massive hits.