Apple Watch is here, and here’s everything you need to know

Apple Watch is officially here and there is quite a bit to know about the device that will be Apple’s first attempt at a wearable device, and also the first brand-new piece of technology that the company has introduced to the market since the iPad. Apple definitely wanted to make sure that their mark was left when it came to the Apple Watch, and it would appear as though right now the company executed exactly what they wanted to execute in launching the device officially.

One thing that many people have taken away from the Spring Forward event that featured the launch of the Apple Watch was the fact that this was yet another example of Apple doing something better, instead of simply doing something new. The company has made billions off of perfecting something that other companies have pioneered with or led the industry with before. Meaning, this wearable – much like a tablet was five years ago – isn’t anything that hasn’t been seen before – and neither are the features on the Apple Watch.


However, that doesn’t mean that this won’t be by far the best implementation and execution of features and hardware in any wearable. After all, this is where Apple makes their money. The Apple Watch will go on sale officially on April 24th and start at $349 for the “basic,” or “Sport” model. The company will also produce a luxury version of the Apple Watch which will retail for $10,000 and will be made out of gold – but the company won’t sell too many of them.

As far as life is concerned, the Apple Watch collectively runs for about 18-hours, but as Apple pointed out – isn’t intended to be a device that is used for extended periods of time. Rather, users should use the Apple Watch in brief burst sessions that will ultimately make it easier for them to quickly read, or update themselves on their day – while staying productive at the same time. Doing things like connecting with other Apple Watch users, and even having integration between an iPhone and Apple Watch is something that the company believes will be a major player in getting users onboard.

Apple has had relatively positive success with introducing new products like this, but the Apple Watch wasn’t the only new product that the company introduced. They also introduced the 12-inch MacBook Air, which features Retina Display. A big investment for an already successful laptop lineup that Apple offers.