Apple will introduce new Apple TV this summer

Apple TV is going to be receiving an update this summer. That update will likely be a physical one, as the company has already dropped the price significantly of the current Apple TV model that is in stores. Interestingly though, the move will be one that will finally puts Apple TV at the forefront of the overall Apple mission.


Until now, Apple TV has been something that has sat in the background, as the company has focused on things like smartphones and tablet sales. While that hasn’t been a formula that has failed, Apple now understands just how important it will be for them to develop something meaningful in the world of television.


The update to Apple TV will include Siri integration – which will allow users to utilize voice commands to get around the actual operation without a remote. Apple will also be including an App Store, which will serve as a gateway to additional content within the Apple TV network. Both of these things are powerful additions to Apple TV, and they aren’t even the most exciting changes that Apple is bringing to their Apple TV platform.

The hardware of Apple TV is a little more than three years old. The hardware boosts, like the addition of a potentially customized A8 chip, are certainly exciting – but not quite the most exciting elements of an updated Apple TV. Reports have been circulating for the last several weeks that Apple is getting closer and closer to actually launching a service along with their device that allows cord cutters to part ways with cable systems.

If Apple were able to put together a service that can rival some of the other “basic” cable cutting options – then it would likely put itself in a very ideal place. It would be producing the hardware, and consequently the service that could be coupled with the device. That service would include partnerships with CBS, Fox, and Disney respectively, should the reports come to fruition.

Either way, it has positioned Apple in such a way that they haven’t rushed into the TV space and it has given them an opportunity to see what people are looking for in the market as a whole.