Apple’s Jony Ive has some reservations about modern tech design

Apple’s Jony Ive has some impressive design standards. His work with Apple is iconic and arguably a serious part of the overall success of Apple’s iPhone and other key items. That’s not to say though that his work has been limited to Apple’s technology, and that certainly doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have impressive standards when it comes to other peoples designs on the technology.

Specifically, he spoke in-depth regarding his displeasure with the way cars look today. The modern vehicle, in his eyes, is something that has been entirely wrong, and something that was done with little imagination or intellect. Ive has even worked on the movie Wall-e, where he was reported to being a part of the design team that designed Wall-e.


“There are some shocking cars on the road,” were the exact words he used to describe the stature of the Toyota Echo that was coming toward him on the road. His bluntness when it came to describing something that he so clearly saw as a mistake was something that set him apart from his peers. His ability to see through designs and understand what the larger and more important portions of the design space. Understanding people, and most-importantly the people who would use them.

There has been a serious discussion around the notion that he might be a part of the team that is supposedly working on the Apple Car. However, it would appear as though those are rumors that will not be confirmed anytime soon.

The mystery though that is Jony Ive or the legacy rather, doesn’t just stop with Apple or his work on one film. In fact, potentially the most interesting thing that has made the rumor mill regarding what Ive’s is working on involves the next Star Wars movie. Right now, it would appear as though Ive’s is designing and creating the lightsaber for the next Star Wars movie, something that until now – was hardly even thought of. It would be interesting, but, with his experience – not that surprising.