Apple’s Pursuit of Slim: Thinner iPhones, Apple Watches, and MacBooks on the Horizon

Thinner iPhones, Apple Watch, and MacBook on the Horizon
Apple reportedly plans thinner iPhones, Apple Watches, and MacBook Pro laptops in pursuit of a new design direction. Learn more about this potential shift and its implications.

Apple, renowned for its sleek designs, appears to be embarking on a new chapter in its pursuit of slimmer devices. Recent reports suggest the tech giant is planning to introduce thinner versions of its iPhones, Apple Watches, and MacBook Pro laptops in the coming years.

A Trend Sparked by the iPad Pro

This shift towards thinner designs seemingly began with the unveiling of the 2024 iPad Pro. This model, touted as Apple’s thinnest product ever, has set a new standard for the company’s design philosophy.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, citing sources familiar with the matter, revealed that Apple aims to extend this thinness trend to its other popular product lines. While specific details remain under wraps, the sources indicate a “significantly skinnier” iPhone is planned for the iPhone 17 line in 2025.

Thinner Apple Watches and MacBooks

In addition to iPhones, Apple is also reportedly working on thinner versions of its Apple Watch and MacBook Pro. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has suggested the upcoming Apple Watch Series 10 (or potentially the Apple Watch X) could feature a larger screen while maintaining a slimmer case. As for the MacBook Pro, Gurman’s report confirms that Apple is exploring thinner designs for this laptop line as well.

Potential Challenges and Trade-Offs

While thinner devices are often aesthetically pleasing, this pursuit of slimness does come with potential challenges. Battery life and durability are common concerns when devices are made thinner. Apple will need to balance these considerations with its design goals.

A New Era of Apple Devices?

If these reports prove accurate, we could be on the cusp of a new era of Apple devices—one where slimness is a defining characteristic across product lines. This shift would be a significant departure from recent trends in the tech industry, where devices have generally been getting larger and heavier.

What to Expect and When

While the timeline for these thinner devices remains unclear, Gurman suggests the iPhone 17 in 2025 could be the first to showcase this new design direction. Details about the thinner Apple Watches and MacBooks are more scarce, but they could potentially arrive around the same time or shortly thereafter.

Apple has not officially commented on these reports, so it’s important to consider this information speculative for now. However, the prospect of thinner iPhones, Apple Watches, and MacBooks is undeniably intriguing for Apple enthusiasts and the tech world at large.

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