April Fool Pranks: Google takes users to the funky disco dancing party

Google usually takes things to new heights of April 1, and this time too, they did something different as a part of a prank. On April 01, 2016, the company converted Google Maps to a funky dance party. The search engine is appreciated for amazing its users, and sometimes, they even do some pranks which will tickle the spine of everyone.

Fashionable Town Pegman was seen wearing 1970’s disco attire, and it was sheer fun to watch him making some disco moves. Opening up the maps and looking into Pegman street view will make you perplexed for sure. The purple suit and snazzy beard provide the feel of 1970, and if you want, Disco Pegman will make some moves for you too.

To watch the new prank from Google, you should open the map on your smartphone. You should then go to the top, and should click ‘Visit Funky Town in the Maps App’.

While doing this, please ensure you have signed in to your account. After completing the process, you can head onto ‘Explore Nearby’ and can enjoy the funky city.

Now, they have also renamed the official Twitter handle of map service. Instead of the old name, they are now appearing with the name ‘Groovy Maps’.

Last year, the company created a website called ‘com.google’ which was a reverse search engine. .The prank they offered its users in 2014 was something wonderful.

It allowed people to play Pac-Man game in the streets of the world. Users well received the idea all around the world, and everybody appreciated the company for its funny ideas.

In 2016 beginning, they have shocked all its users by informing that the business is going to shut down. They even introduced a fictional product called ‘Google News’ which will help people to smell things on the internet.

Now, let’s wait for more surprises from them.