Archaeologists discovered 10 tombs in 1,700 years old silk road cementry in Kucha, China (+photos)

An ancient cemetery was discovered along the Silk Road by researchers in China, and what they found was perhaps one of the most impressive findings to date in the archeological world. A series of ten tombs, seven of them being large, impressive brick structures, were discovered back in 2007. But, until very recently many of the details remained a mystery as the findings were not translated and published.

The findings are incredibly rare and helpful to archeologists and historians who are looking into the findings and understanding what they could potentially mean. The tombs are 1,700 years old, and are loaded with impressive images, and even have the remains of humans inside. That being said, many have asserted that the remains inside are likely that of high-class individuals who could have had a serious influence on history or how history was shaped during the time period.

However, one disappointing factor is that archeologists believe that it would appear as though the tombs were raided by individuals who probably stole a good share of the important things that could serve as a link to various people, whether they’re influential or not. Not all of the structures are in perfect condition, however, the most impressive one is definitely the tomb that is labeled as M3. They refer to the structure as a highly-complex building that “consists of a burial mound, ramp, sealed gate, tomb entrance, screen walls, passage, burial chamber and side chamber,” according to the archeologists responsible for the report and the findings.

They go on to note that there are many impressive designs within the chamber, and even some bricks, for example, that have portrayals of mythical creatures. The tombs along the Silk Road, which extends 4,000 miles, and was a major trade route.

All of that being said, whether it’s the structures, carvings, build, or human remains the discovery and the findings here are some of the most impressive that have been uncovered in Asia – or globally. The findings that will undoubtedly be gained from the further research on the specific items that are uncovered is something that could significantly improve the number of answers we have about the period of time.