Are Motorcycle Jackets different from Regular Leather Jackets?

When you’re getting ready to take your motorcycle on the road, it’s important to have all the right gear. From making sure your bike is in road-ready shape to picking out the right helmet, having all the pieces in place will make your journey more enjoyable. Be sure you have a jacket that’s built for the task, rather than a standard leather jacket.

The best cruiser jackets for women this year come with a range of features you won’t find on a regular leather jacket. These extra touches are designed to keep you safe, protected from the elements and comfortable while you ride. Here are some of the key things to look for when you’re in the market for sport bike jackets.

Protective Features

Perhaps the most important difference between sport bike jackets and a standard leather jacket is the protection a motorcycle jacket provides in case of an accident. In addition to being made of durable, tough fabrics that can stand up to the elements, many ATV jackets on sale come with additional safety features.

Some styles come with pockets at the elbows, shoulders and back to pack in armour that will help prevent injuries in a fall. Other safety features to look for include reflective panels and piping, the fortified fabric around the joints or a removable pad to protect your spine. Staying safe is critical no matter what your skill level as a rider. The right jacket can help keep you protected.

Design to Keep You Comfortable on the Road

Things can get sticky if your jacket doesn’t have good ventilation. Motorcycle jacket designs typically consider the need to keep air moving around you. Look for a piece that is optimized for airflow with features like a ventilation system or a breathable lining.

Extras to Keep the Elements Out

Weather can creep up quickly during a long day of riding. You want a motorcycle jacket that can help shield you from the elements and keep you dry. Many styles come with a waterproof liner or belt loops to secure the jacket to your pants, keeping muck kicked up from the road from getting under your outer layer. A tough fabric can also help keep dirt and grit from getting past your jacket.

Style to Amp Up Performance

While standard leather jackets are designed solely for fashion, motorcycle jackets are built with performance in mind. Search for a jacket that has adjustable straps around the waist and sleeves so you can customize the fit and keep the extra fabric from getting in the way. An adjustable collar is a nice touch to make sure you stay comfortable. Some styles allow for a greater range of motion by adding in stretch panels along the sides or at the elbow and shoulder joints of the jacket, keeping you free to move around.

If you’re in the market for a motorcycle jacket, be sure to find a piece that offers safety and comfort features beyond a standard leather jacket. Turn to a trusted vendor of sportbike jackets to find the best selection, quality and pricing.