Are Online Poker Sites in India Rigged?

As poker games become more popular among the Indian audience, the authenticity of online poker sites has become a common concern among players who are looking for a serious run in this game. This concern is legit and one has to be smart and aware of all the elements that make a poker site trustworthy for players to invest real money in it.

We will help you find an honest answer to this question today.

Fair Play

Credible online poker sites in India implement a Random Number Generator (RNG) on their poker apps to ensure the factor of unpredictability in all games is upheld no matter what. The job of the RNG is to shuffle all cards in a random fashion without following any pattern when dealing in a game of online poker.

This ensures that your game stays fair and doesn’t favour or incline towards any particular player on the table and helps maintain a fair gaming environment round the clock.

Therefore, if you wish to ensure that the poker sites you are playing at are RNG certified, simply take a look at their websites to find the certification. It is hard proof that the online poker site in question is not rigged.

SSL/TSL Security

In simple words, SSL security is an online layer of security that is embedded on a computer network to secure any form of private or financial information, for instance, in emails and messages. In the case of online poker sites in India or elsewhere, the SSL encryption is implemented to create a secure communication network between the client and the server.

Since most players play poker online for real money, SSL encryption becomes a mandatory prerequisite for securing your financial data and transactions. TSL Encryption is a successor of SSL, and hence an upgrade that encrypts and decrypts data over a secured network. Having any of these protocols in place for websites protects it from any third party cyber-attack and frauds.

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming is a very interesting feature that is player-driven and is a combination of tools that players can use to stay on the winning side of the game. Let us cite an example from a credible Indian poker site PokerBaazi to help you understand the specifics.

PokerBaazi employs its responsible gaming tools to help players keep a check on their monetary investments in poker and their gaming behaviour in general.

  • Set Deposit limits

Players can set daily, weekly and monthly limits on their money deposits and transaction count on the online poker site to keep an automated track of their expenditure. These limits can be reset or revised at any point in time.

  • Set Cash table limits

High stakes cash games can be very lucrative at the first glance but they could also cost you dearly if you aren’t being careful. Therefore, PokerBaazi allows you to set limits on your table stakes so that you do not end up biting more than you can chew.

  • Poker Break

If you feel your passion has to turn into an obsession, PokerBaazi suggests you take a poker break. The online poker site allows you to deactivate your user account for a chosen period of time during which you won’t be able to access your account. Once the period has crossed, you can retrieve your account and resume playing.

  • Baazi Care

Baazi Care is the last resort for players who are facing negative impact in their daily lives due to excessive gaming. The impact could be emotional, physical, mental or financial and Baazi Care extends counselling support to all players to help recover from any negative situation and resolve their issues.

Player Driven Promotions

Last but never the least, for an online poker site to be fair to all players, must offer games and tournament that are player-driven and extend maximum returns on their investments. Ideally, tournaments and cash games should be held from micro to the highest level so that everyone has something they can truly enjoy within their bankroll. Also, as online poker games spike in popularity, different variants are released over time. Make sure the online poker sites in India you choose to play at offer multiple variants of the game so that you have the free will to explore them all and play those variants that pay off in the long run.

These are some prerequisites that all online poker sites must adapt to offer the best online gaming experience to players of varied skillset and experience. Make a smart choice today to drive maximum gains in the most thrilling card game ever!