Audi test runs its A-7 driverless car in Florida

The German auto manufacturer, Audi, has been the first auto firm to test-run its driverless car in Florida. It uses 22 specialized sensors that are controlled by a central computer in the trunk, and can handle itself well in traffic situations. The Florida State Governor, Rick Scott, went on a ride in the driverless auto and commended its operations and the visions of the auto firm behind its success. The Audi A-7 will be available to purchase within the next five years.

If you have been looking forward to a car driving itself on the roads without a skilled driver in charge, then you have it here in the Audi A-7. The auto giant, Audi, tested its latest driverless A-7 car in Southwest Florida and the test proved a great success with the Florida State Governor, Rick Scott, commending the move after going along for a test ride on the Audi A-7.

According the Governor Rick Scott, “when a company like Audi comes and does their research that means they’ll probably do advanced manufacturing here, but there’ll be a lot of research jobs in the beginning, that what’s exciting.” The governor expressed delight that testing the Audi’s driverless auto model in the state shows off Florida as a tech-friendly state, and the job creation the process of manufacturing would bring to the state is quite uplifting.

Although the German auto company Audi appears to be the first auto firm to test-run its driverless car in public with the state governor in tow, this technological breakthrough is still five years away from being available to interested buyers. You may be excited at the prospect of having one of this driverless machine, you may have to wait another five years before you can acquire one according to reports from the auto company.

The Audi A-7 according to its manufacturers has 22 different sensors which are controlled from a major computer unit that is planted in the trunk of the car. The makers state that this auto car is made to operate in traffic situations only with a view to preventing auto fatalities that are results of faulty human judgements. It will actually drive itself well on the roads and comport itself well in the most traffic judgemental situations, leaving the occupants awed by the ability of the auto vehicle to take traffic decisions and handle itself properly.