Baba Hardev Singh Dies in Car Crash in Montreal, Canada

Baba Hardev Singh, the 62-year-old principal priest of Sant Nirankari Mission, passed away in Montreal, Canada on Friday.

According to reports the Indian spiritual leader was killed in a car accident. Condolences have poured from different parts of the country and his death has been a shocker for believers around the world.

Kripasagar, PR and press in charge of the Sant Nirankari Mission issued a statement of how deeply saddened they were of the sudden death of Baba Hardev Singh.

In his official statement, Kripasagar said, “It was sudden and sad news for us.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took on twitter to pour his grievances of the sudden passing away of the baba.

BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain taking on Twitter to confirm the news about his passing. In his Twitter account, he said that the demise of the baba is truly a loss for the nation.

Baba Hardev Singh was born to Gurbachan Singh and his wife Kulwant Kaur, the previous Satguru of the Nirankari Mission. He did his primary schooling from Rosary Public School, Sant Nirankari Colony, Delhi.

Later joined Yadavindra Public School, Patiala, a boarding school and completed his Bachelors from Delhi university. In 1971, he started his journey in Nirankari Sewa Dal as its primary member who changed his entire thought process.

The mission was established in 1929, by Baba Buta Singh, who was later on succeeded by Baba Avtar Singh.

In 1980, after the assignation of his father by fundamentalist Sikhs belonging to Akhand Kirtani Jatha, he became the new Satguru of the mission and continued to be the guiding light for the believers around the world.

Under the guidance of Baba Hardev Singh, the mission had set up 2000 centres around the world.


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