Baby born with a major part of his brain missing celebrates his first birthday

Doctors didn’t expect Baby Jaxon Emmett, who was born with most of his skull and brain missing, to live. They, in fact, advised his parents to get him aborted when they first came to know about his condition. However, the little one has managed to defy all odds and completed a year of his life. Baby Jaxon just celebrated his first birthday.

Brandon and Brittany Buell, the parents of Jaxon, are devout Christians. They were informed that their unborn child had a severe brain malformation called anencephaly and were told that he might even fail to survive the pregnancy. For those who don’t know: anencephaly is a condition characterized by absence of a major part of the skull, brain and scalp and takes place when the baby is in embryonic stage.

However, Jax Strong, as he is referred to as on social media, has succeeded in completing one full year of his life. Families across the United States have been inspired by this miracle child’s story. Right now, Jaxon’s Facebook page has almost 90,000 Likes and his story has been shared by over 18,000 people.

According to numbers presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 1 in every 4,859 babies in the US is born with anencephaly. These babies usually don’t survive more than a few days after birth.

Brandon said that when his wife had her second ultrasound during the 17th week of her pregnancy and they got to know that the unborn baby was a boy, it became clear to them that something was not right. This is because the technician conducting the test checked the baby’s head and went quiet.

The next day, doctors called Brittany and informed that the MRI results have put forward some concerning facts. This, of course, left the expecting mom in tears and Brandon was also shocked.

Following this detection, the anxious couple visited a number of doctors and was informed about five conditions that might cause the malformation shown in the MRI results. Three of the suspected conditions were Joubert Syndrome, Dandy-walker syndrome and Spina bifida.

The young couple was advised to terminate the pregnancy, but, they decided to keep the baby as they are against abortion.