Apple Watch to be unavailable in store through May

Apple Watch enthusiasts are going to have to wait awhile before they can get their hands on a device in store. Apple announced through an internal memo that was intercepted by many media outlets that the company would not be selling any Apple Watch devices in store, and that they wouldn’t have any available in store until at least the “end of May.” While that might seem like a grim outlook for those who were hoping that they would be able to get their hands on an Apple Watch earlier – the truth is that it’ll likely not happen until the initial orders are filled.

That isn’t likely going to happen until June in most cases, or as Apple pointed out – could happen a little before June. Either way though, that doesn’t do much for the fact that Apple won’t be launching many devices in store before they have filled the other orders that have already been placed. It’s an interesting move that is leaving some to wonder when – or if the Apple Watch will actually make it to Apple Stores sooner, than later.


However, not all of the news is bad for Apple as they move through the launch process of the Apple Watch. While the official launch hasn’t occurred yet – users are still anxiously awaiting the launch in hopes that something significant can change for the company and its users. Apple will be running in store workshops that will teach some of the things users will need to learn about the devices as they head into the new era of wearable technology.

Apple will start the free workshops the same day that the device actually launches. That move has taken some by surprise, but at the same time isn’t out of the ordinary for Apple. The more important thing to see here is the fact that Apple is making a serious effort to ensure that their users have a good understanding of the device. That will help the overall performance a great deal, and ensure that sales ultimately can max out as well as they can – while the company works up its production level of the Apple Watches.