Best Cameras for Vlogging in 2023

Cameras have evolved over the years from being simple gadgets just for taking pictures or recording videos to becoming devices that presented loads of other options. Photographers now can instill filters, change gradients, adjust light modes and mold the pictures they take according to their preference. There are loads of options and smart AI embedded into these devices only ups their game on different levels.

Vlogging is a rising trend these days, especially during and after COVID, and people are often looking for the best cameras to help them come out on top as the #1 Vlogger. We’re here to provide some of the coolest, functionally apt cameras available in the market for this reason.

Of course, cameras today need a good internet connection to seamlessly upload their photos and videos to the cloud or transfer them to a storage device. CenturyLink Internet plans offer a good range of internet options to choose from which you may connect to your camera for seamless uploads on the go while vlogging.

Panasonic Lumix GH6

Starting with this little juggernaut.  The Panasonic Lumix is a mirrorless camera that brings everything a modern camera could want in it. It starts with a whopping 25.2 MP lens and the screen inside has a 3-inch variable angle. The electronic shutter has a 75fps speed and 14fps if you are looking for specs on the mechanical shutter.

Video recording goes up to 5.8K so you can expect the results to be crisp and clear along with vivid colors maintained. Make no doubt about it; the Lumix is a filmmaker’s camera. Its main forte isn’t the picture taking, even though that’s quite impressive as well, but the video recording. Filmmakers post brilliant reviews for this device and naturally, it will translate into being an awesome vlogging device.

Best Cameras for Vlogging in 2023

FujiFilm X-S10

Another brilliant entry into the mirrorless camera domain. The X-S10 flexes its muscles by offering cutting-edge tech such as in-body image stabilization and a vari-angle touchscreen, all in a compact package. Fujifilm has refreshed the look on this one and unfortunately, for long-time Fujifilm fans, the traditional, external exposure dials are gone.

Becoming digital and part of the screen. For vloggers, the flip-out screen is a welcome feature that makes self-recording much easier. With 4K video recording and 6 stops for image stabilization, this device becomes a must-buy during the holiday season. The 26.1 MP camera has an APS-C image sensor that can produce beautiful imagery.

Best Cameras for Vlogging in 2023

Panasonic Lumix S5

Tumbling and rolling in on our 3rd spot, the Lumix S5 is another amazing entry by Panasonic in our list. Rocking a 24.2 MP camera that wows you with its attention to detail, this Lumix may appear chunky and outdated but make no mistake; it has some hardcore specs.

Additionally, there are dual SD card slots for that extra bit of storage inside the camera itself. The full-frame sensor makes full use of its capability by shining in low-light settings. If you’re one to vlog during the evening or night time then this bad boy has been made especially for people like you.

Best Cameras for Vlogging in 2023

Sony A6400

Sony maintains its importance given to flair by putting in a delightful 3-inch tilting touchscreen into the A6400. The viewfinder is electronic and video recording goes up to a nice 4K. Image quality along with resolution is impressive and the sophisticated autofocus will keep you wanting to take pictures and make videos.

Vlogging is a delight when one has this device equipped. Plus, if you’re a multi-media content creator then get this as a budget option. The only qualms we have are with the design of this device. The look feels a bit outdated but other than that, this is a solid camera.

Best Cameras for Vlogging in 2023

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

This Canon is a value addition for those of you just starting out with your vlogging adventures and want a beginner device to get the grips of being a content creator. Sporting a 24.1 MP camera and a Viewfinder with an impressive OLED screen, the M50 Mark II is going to be a beginner’s best buddy when discovering how to go about vlogging.

4K capabilities and a Dual Pixel AF is going to keep you on your feet. There’s just one downside to this the camera has an aperture of sorts when recording which will make your 4K shoots get cropped from the sides. The performance-to-price ratio will however keep you coming back for more. This is perhaps the best deal a beginner can find online and you bet your bottom dollar, the mark II will definitely get your vlogging up and running in style.

Best Cameras for Vlogging in 2023


And that’s a wrap on our precise but valuable listicle of the best cameras you can buy in 2022. Look out for Christmas deals featuring any or all these devices to chop off a couple of hundred bucks from the overall price tag. In any case, none of these will disappoint and your hard-earned money won’t be going to waste. Happy vlogging!