Best Teen Movies on Netflix

Who doesn’t miss the carefree teenage days? When everything was simple, convenient, and less complicated. I am sure we all terribly miss the high school time. The world around us seemed to be super colorful and all we could think of at that time was love, laughter, and life.

To relive those exciting times and feelings, we will be enlisting the top five teen movies that you can easily watch on Netflix. All of these movies have successfully made their place in the hearts and minds of millions of people around the globe.

The excitement, will to live, and the teenage romance that has been shown in these films will brighten your mood and bring a wide smile to your face. Before going ahead and exploring the movies that we have mentioned below, make sure that you have access to an efficient internet connection like the one provided by Xfinity Internet for a seamless entertainment experience.

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To All the Boys I have Loved Before

The main character of this extremely cute movie is Lara Jean who very diligently writes sweet love letters to her crushes that according to her are never really meant to be seen or sent to them. She writes these letters just for herself, so she can express her thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Things however take a sharp turn when the letters get leaked. This situation left her confused and disheartened. To avoid all the weirdness and attention, she ends up teaming up with the school’s most admired golden boy named Peter Kavinsky.

They both pretend to be in a fake relationship plan that essentially ends up being a lot more authentic than either of them bargained for. If you are looking for a lighthearted, sweet movie, this movie is the perfect pick for you.

Mean Girls

We are sure you must have watched this film in your teenage years. Mean Girls was the most talked about movie of that time that ended up grabbing the attention of both teenagers and adults. The cool dresses, vibrant colors, high school drama, and interesting dialogues, all ended up making the movie a huge success.

It won’t be wrong to say that Mean Girls is regarded as the most iconic teen film of all time. Its amazing cast and crew have made the movie worth watching. The storyline is very impressive too. Watch this movie with your childhood besties and we promise you’ll have an amazing time.

Reality High

The main character of this millennial flick is a dorky high school girl named Dani who falls in love with the hottest, most popular boy in school. All her classmates have a huge crush on him but he unexpectedly catches the eye of the girl who a lot of people think is a nerd.

The school’s social media-obsessed mean girl becomes highly jealous of Dani and so plans and plots against her. But we cannot deny that Dani is super charming and lucky at the same time. Reality High is a great one-time watch for all the teenage girlies out there. You can also watch it if you really miss your high school drama.

Candy Jar

The movie revolves around a quiet, introverted schoolgirl from a middle-class family who falls in love with her super-rich declamation team enemy. Their relationship starts with arguments and ends up in love. She develops a liking for him when she realizes that they share a lot in common than she actually thought. Candy Jar is a movie based on the love-hate relationship between two individuals. This film is a perfect pick for a movie night with your besties. So plan a movie night, invite all your friends over, and watch this movie with them.

The Kissing Booth

Elle and Lee have been best friends for the longest time. In order to protect their precious friendship, both of them come up with a long list of unbreakable rules, created specifically to preserve their best friends forever status for eternity.The biggest rule however is not dating each other’s relatives. Things nevertheless take a sharp turn and Elle falls in love with Lee’s big brother named Noah. This weird, uncomfortable situation ends up complicating the friendship of both Elle and Lee and the trio find a way to make things work without affecting their relationships.

Final Words

We hope the best five teen movies that we have mentioned in this article will help you relive your teenage years. So invite all your childhood friends over and have the best time of your life.

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