Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’, Her Most Significant Musical Project Coming Soon

The Beyhive should dust off their feathers and swarm because a new Beyoncé endeavor is on the way.

Last week, after she deleted all of her profile images from social media and others in her network started dropping subliminal clues and seemingly-random admiration messages for the singer, rumors of a new project began to circulate.

Tidal, the streaming platform once controlled by Jay-Z, delivered official news in the early hours of Thursday morning: her forthcoming release “Renaisance” will debut this summer, with “Act I” arriving on July 29.

Throughout the week, the streaming service teased the revelation with a series of amusing tweets, along with a viral Beyoncé meme of “Flavor of Love” star New York.

“Renaissance” and “Act I” have been the major point of the Grammy-winning artist’s official site, with choices to pre-order the new music and shop for four various kinds of bland “Renaissance” items, including a T-shirt, a CD, and a collectible “Renaissance” box.

In a conversation with Harper’s Bazaar, Beyoncé teased the “Renaissance” title, claiming she’d been in the workshop for a year and a half preparing for something new.

With all of the solitude and unfairness of the previous year, she believes we are all prepared to leave, explore, love, and laugh once more. She senses a renaissance taking shape, and she wants to be a part of nurturing that exit in any way she can.

The star’s visual album “Black is King,” which has been published in July 2020 to coincide with the music she created for the 2019 film “Lion King,” will precede “Renaissance.” She also collaborated with Megan Thee Stallion on a version of her famous song “Savage” in 2020.

According to USA TODAY, On June 21, Beyoncé will speak about the new album in an interview with British Vogue. On Thursday, the fashion magazine revealed many photographs from the cover story, including a regal shot of the singer on a horse with a feathered headpiece, a glamorous shot on a motorcycle, and more.