Bill Nye fixing climate change in his book ‘The Science Guy’

Bill Nye talked about his book on climate change from the most appropriate location one could think of; he was behind the wheels of a Tesla car when discussing the new book. As Nye was moving across the New York City, he was warning people about the various dangers waiting for the human race if the problem of climate change doesn’t get addressed right now.

The famous Science Guy of TV said that we have conclusive evidence of the fact that there’s a strong link between human activities and the rising global temperature. This way he has dismissed all counter-arguments deniers and doubters come up with from time to time. According to him, people who still feel that human activities have nothing to do with climate change are surely “weird”.

The book begins by serving a strict warning that climate change will soon be hitting all of us. However, the Science Guy has not wasted any time for moving to the next step and advising readers to stop worrying and become busy.

According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs last month, two in every three residents in the United States accept global warming. The poll has also showed that a large share of those people admits that human activities are at least partly responsible for this problem. However, the problem is the cause of significant worry for much less people; less than one in four Americans are extremely worried about it.

When asked about the things people can do to ensure that climate change doesn’t become a bigger issue, Nye said that doing small things like not wasting water bottles, turning down thermostats during the winter months, not forgetting to put off the lights, etc. can be of great help. However, he feels that the best thing people in the developed world, particularly in the US, can do is spreading awareness.

Nye feels that for many talking about climate change turns out to be an extremely difficult job as often things become extremely divisive and political forcing most people to give up. However, the TV star of the 90s is claiming that the process is not at all tough. He said that it’s obvious that our planet will change climatically, what we can do is control that change using science; it’s as simple as that.