BlackBerry in partnership with Samsung and IBM for a super-secure tablet

BlackBerry is finally back into the tablet business, and oddly enough – that tablet just happens to be a Samsung Galaxy Tab S. While it might seem like an odd coupling – BlackBerry has joined forces with Samsung and IBM to deliver a government quality device that can handle virtually anything that a user might want to throw at it, even if they want a device that is entirely spy-proof. This is an interesting move because many had grown accustomed to BlackBerry not being in the tablet business. However, this move wasn’t necessarily one to get their product out their in name, but rather in software – as the company has introduced some of the most steady software, that users and government agents have been able to use over the years.


It’s no secret that many government agents, including the President of the United States have a love affair with the BlackBerry devices, and as fast as the rest of the world moves on to iOS or Android – they simply cannot due to the security measures that have to be taken with their devices. That is where BlackBerry and IBM come into play – giving the Samsung Galaxy Tab S enough security credentials to actually function as a tablet at that level. The first tablet is being dubbed the SecuTablet, which is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 – running BlackBerry, and IBM software on the inside.

Everyone remembers BlackBerry’s first attempt at a tablet, and how painful that was to watch. It was even more painful for the company – who gave up entirely on ever producing a tablet after that. Now though, the company looks like they’re working the courage back up to reenter the market.

IBM though isn’t a silent partner in this one, as they provide a level of app wrapping that means apps are more protected with a higher level encryption than was previously seen. The device will first be going live and gaining accreditation from German government officials. Then, it will slowly begin seeing its life expanded outward – as successful tests are accomplished. This really is the only way that BlackBerry was ever going to regain those enterprise customers that they previously lost – up to this point.