Bulletin of atomic scientists readjusted Doomsday Clock by 3 minutes

3 minutes will all it take. Another doomsday is that close. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has come up with the warning that there would be a readjustment of the “Doomsday Clock” on January 22 at 11.57 P.M. Ever since 2012, it is the first time, the clock’s adjustment has been modified and it remains the closest to Doomsday since 1984.

This decision came out of sheer disappointment. The board members are extremely depressed with the lack of initiatives at the international level to resist the ever increasing climate change.

This clock doesn’t show any real doomsday prediction, instead it is a metaphor used by the members to warn public about the potential dangers our planet and civilization are likely to face.


Every threat to mankind is analyzed and based on that the clock time gets adjusted every year.

According to the members, this year they felt a sense of emergency and hence decided to take away 3 minutes from the usual setting of the “Doomsday Clock”.

The group is dissatisfied especially with the extensive use of fossil fuels, addiction to nuclear weapons and ignorant behavior towards constant changes in climate.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was built by scientists involved in on the Manhattan Project. Artist Martyl Langsdorf, the wife of the nuclear physicist Alexander Langsdorf, created this clock and adjusted it at 11.53 P.M. In 1949, Alexander Langsdorf set the time to four minutes later.


The clock has been readjusted this year to draw the attention of the world so that some much-needed actions can be taken worldwide. Mass awareness and mobilization are important to deal with the crisis like climate change.

Issues like continuous rise in temperature, access to nuclear weapons need to be addressed by the great powers as well as through the common people, informed the worried board members in a recently released statement.