Can dark matter make earth hairy? Scientists seem to have found an answer

According to findings of a new study by NASA, dark matter might result in the formation of hairs around planets. The mysterious, invisible matter, which according to many scientists makes up around 85% of all matters in our universe, forms a long and fine-grained stream of particles.

Gary Prézeau, a study author and a scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said that a stream of these particles might be much bigger than even our solar system. He added that our galactic neighborhood is covered by a number of such streams crisscrossing one another.

The question that must be bothering you now is: what happens with these particle streams come in contact with the planets. Prézeau and his team conducted the study to find an answer to this question.


Prézeau developed computer simulations for knowing what might happen if planet Earth meets a dark matter stream. He and his team came to know that in such a situation, the gravity of our planet would be manipulating the particle stream to form a dense, and thin hair-like filament.

It’s true that ordinary matters cannot pass through the Earth, but in the case of dark matter the planet doesn’t play the role of an obstacle. These mysterious particles will be able to pass right through the atmosphere of Earth, the planet’s crust and also its core.

According to the scientists, the dark matter particles that will be passing through our planet’s core will be focusing into roots of the hair. The simulation created by Prézeau reveals that roots of these hairs are excessively dense, almost one billion times denser than average.

Those dense roots will cover a distance of as much as 600,000 miles starting from the Earth’s surface. To help you understand the kind of impact such hair will have on our Earth’s surroundings, let us present another fact: the distance between the Earth and the planet’s only natural satellite Moon is just 240,000 miles.

The hair tip will be formed of streams containing particles that are just grazing the surface of t犀利士
he Earth. The distance between these tips and the planet will be almost two times of the distance between the hair root and the planet.

Scientists believe that the hairy filaments might assist scientists in gathering more significant information about dark matter and solve the mystery surrounding it considerably.